淫乱男女I reveled in the music of the 1960’s…all of it. Beatles, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Flying Burrito Brothers, et al. After graduating from the U of O, and realizing I’d probably lose my mind starting another three years of College for Law School, I took a job selling stereos. It was the beginning of the great period when every young person felt they needed to own a good music system. Not the piece of furniture called a console their parents owned, but their own component hi-fi system.

淫乱男女The army guys returning from Vietnam bought component stereos in the Military PX’s and brought them home. Sansui and Pioneer receivers, Akai reel to reel tape decks and Pioneer turntables. The sound was so much better than a console and they could play really LOUD.

淫乱男女After working in that first store, which was a TV store with one room dedicated to stereos, I decided I ought to start my own. I was 26 and blessedly unaware of the survival rate of new, small businesses. I opened that first Chelsea Audio in Lake Oswego because there wasn’t a good stereo store there so I could get some of the best franchises. JBL, Bang & Olufsen, Phase Linear, Kenwood, Revox and Teac. It was a stereo geeks’ dream!


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Our store is open 6 days a week with a well trained and qualified sales staff that is here to help assist in any way they can.  We can sit down and go over plans, or bring in the family for a demo in one of our theater rooms.

淫乱男女Feel free to call ahead or fill out the form below to setup an appointment if you want to talk in depth about your project, or drop by anytime during store hours!

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Our Team



Ford Montgomery JR

What got you into the industry?

My passion for music, whether live or recorded, I couldn’t get enough of it.  Law school sounded miserable so I started working at a small audio shop in Albany, OR that fueled my passion to step out on my own and give it a shot as a business owner.

Where did you grow up?

淫乱男女I was born in Texas, we moved to California when I was in 1st grade and to Portland when I was 10.  My father worked for Hilton Hotels and was picked by Conrad Hilton, who I met once, to open the hotel in downtown Portland.



Store Manager

Store Manager

Ford Montgomery III

What do you like most working at Chelsea?

Our products are some of the best in the industry; our extremely loyal clientele are the reason we are going strong after 40 years in business; and being a small company, we can adapt to change very quickly.  Overall, what I enjoy the most is working with our team of professionals to help design, install, and support systems that best fit the clients’ wants and needs.

What got you into this industry?

Listening to my father’s great two-channel music system (that I wasn’t supposed to be listening to).


Installation Manager

Installation Manager

Jeff Kinnaman

Jeff Kinnaman has worked for the Chelsea Audio Video installation department for 18 years. He started out as the low man on the totem pole, fetching tools and wire for the other installers and doing most of the crawling around in attics and crawl spaces, but proved very quickly to be a key component in the success of the install department. He quickly worked his way up to become a lead installer with apprentices under him, who excelled with Jeff as a mentor and leader. When the project manager position became available, it was a foregone conclusion who would get it. Now, he runs and directs the entire install department.

Jeff grew up in Portland, Oregon, and his passion for audio/video equipment started in high school when he developed an interest in car audio. His passion subsided a bit after his and his friends’ systems were stolen. A friend working in the install department at Chelsea recommended Jeff as a replacement when he left for a new job. The rest is history!


Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Brenda Huber

淫乱男女Brenda Huber has worked for Chelsea Audio Video for 27 years. She started in the front office, answering phones and helping out the main buyer for the company any way she could. A few years later, she took over that position and streamlined the process, making it much more efficient and profitable. After getting her degree in accounting, she put it right to work implementing even more new practices and procedures. Today she is the Operations Manager and oversees all of the purchasing, accounting, and billing.

Brenda was born at the Westpoint Military Hospital in NY. Her family moved back to Oregon City, OR when she was 3 months old. She enjoys kayaking, going to Blazer games, traveling in her RV with her dog, Sparky, and husband, Christian. Her son is a Sophomore at the University of Oregon so needless to say she is a big Ducks fan these days! What she likes most about working at Chelsea is the casual work atmosphere with serious execution. Over the years we have developed a fantastic company culture built around teamwork and providing the best service and support to our clients. This is our 40th year of business, and with loyal, hard working fully committed employees like Brenda we should be around for another 40 years at least!


Sales Associate

淫乱男女Sales Associate

Kyle Grimm

淫乱男女Kyle Grimm has been at Chelsea Audio Video for 21 years. It would have been 23, but we loaned him to a shop in Alaska for 2 years while his wife Darcy was fulfilling her duty in the United States Air Force. Kyle grew up in Colfax, WA, and first got the audio bug in high school from a friend who was obsessed with bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Stone Temple Pilots. Kyle listened to them constantly, and music became a part of his everyday life.

After high school, Kyle moved to Portland, not sure exactly what he wanted to do. That all changed one day at the movie theater. He saw an advertisement Chelsea often did in the theaters before the movie began and thought it sounded like fun. He came in to do an interview with no prior experience in the field and low expectations. His passion really came through, and he excelled in the warehouse position for 2 years before moving into sales. There, he has been a model of consistency, not only selling, but putting together most of the demos in the store, training new sales people, and researching new products and trends. Keeping up to date with today’s technology is a daunting task!
When Kyle isn’t working, he enjoys skiing and spending time with his wife, Darcy, and children, Max, Lucy, Simon, and June. His overall passion for the equipment, his clients, and Chelsea drive Kyle to be the best. If you look at his reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and our website, you see will this first hand.


Sales Associate

Sales Associate

Scott Mason

淫乱男女Scott Mason has been a sales associate with Chelsea Audio Video for three years. Scott spent seven years as the assistant manager of the Sony store in Washington Square Mall before his wife saw a Craigslist ad for a sales position at Chelsea. Sony was a good stepping stone for Scott, because he developed into a professional retail sales person, and learned to help clients figure out what products would work best for their wants and needs. However, the feel was much more of a big box store. You never got the person’s name until the register, then handed them a few packages on their way out the door. Scott never knew if they enjoyed what they bought, or if the item or system was set up properly. As a project-based company, Chelsea is much more Scott’s speed, and he enjoys qualifying clients and sitting down with plans or drawings of the entire area where they want work done. He loves developing a relationship with people, as these projects can take months or years to complete. Scott is glad to be involved from start to finish.

淫乱男女His passion and enthusiasm for audio/video started when he was 12 years old and saw Jurassic Park in a movie theater. Home theater systems were a new phenomenon at the time, and he began building his own out of old components and speakers from relatives and Goodwill. When clients come into the store interested in a home theater, Scott tries to give them the same experience he got years ago as he demonstrates the equipment. When not at work, Scott likes to hang out with his wife and kids, play tennis, and tinker with his home theater. Oh yeah, he is a big Portland Trail Blazers fan as well. Go Blazers!!!


Field Technician

Field Technician

Ryan Dahneke

Ryan grew up in Redding, California. His first taste of good audio/video was in a family friend’s home theater, complete with projector, very large screen, enormous speakers, and a couple subwoofers. He really enjoyed showing off the system, and after a couple thunderous showings of Top Gun, Ryan was hooked. After graduating from Chico State University with a degree in Economics, he didn’t know what he wanted to do. He did know he wanted out of California, so he embarked on a quest to find home. After a short-lived experiment staying in Seattle, he drove down to Portland and quickly fell in love with the city. That was in 2006. He has been here ever since.

淫乱男女In his free time Ryan likes to spend time with his wife, Sarah, and daughter, Ayla. His parents moved just outside Portland to be closer to their granddaughter, so they spend quite a bit of time with them along with friends. He also likes spending time outdoors and doing projects around the house.


Field Technician

Field Technician

Ryan Bergman

淫乱男女Ryan is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and moved to the Portland area in 2017. He fell in love with Oregon while on a 6 week cross-country road trip with his wife and their dog. After their trip, they decided to put down roots and make Portland their home. Ryan comes to Chelsea Audio with over ten years of electrical knowledge and a passion for providing the customer with the best service possible.

While Ryan did not come from an audio visual background, he has a willingness to learn and receives guidance from Jeff and the other experienced technicians.

淫乱男女In his free time, Ryan enjoys hiking with his wife and their two German Shepherds, volunteering for nonprofits, and spending time as a novice woodworker.


Field Technician

淫乱男女Field Technician

Corey Lynaugh

Corey grew up in Las Vegas, NV. At a young age, Corey became interested in computers and A/V equipment. As his interests grew he started building his own computers and setting up A/V equipment for his family and friends.  Corey kept educating himself in the computer and networking field and when he turned 18 he got a job at a large nightclub in Las Vegas.  This job surrounded him with everything electronic, from large scale networks to DMX lighting to pro audio. Corey was looking for a change from the desert so he moved to Oregon with his wife Heather and their dogs.  They both love it here in Oregon and enjoy spending time outdoors with their dogs at the Oregon coast.