B&W CDM7SE-$1800 reg. price. $550 sale price. Floor standing speakers in Rosenut finish in good condition.  

B&W VM1-$225 reg. price. $50 sale price. Compact center speaker in black. 

淫乱男女B&W HTM3S-$2800 reg. price. $1400 sale price. Large, three way center speaker in natural cherry finish.

Cary Audio CPA-1-$650 sale price. Solid state two channel pre-amp. Balanced and single ended outputs and home theater bypass.

Classe Sigma SSPMKII-$6000 reg. price. $3600 sale price. Classe’s latest surround sound processor in black with original box and packing.

淫乱男女Denon AVR3310-$1299 reg price. $150 sale price. 7.1 channel 1080P receiver.

GoldenEar Triton 2 + $3850 regular price. $2890 sale price. Floor standing speakers. Demo models with full warranty.

GoldenEar Triton 3 + $2750 regular price. $2065 sale price. Floor standing speakers. Demo models with full warranty.

淫乱男女GoldenEar SuperCenter XL-$880 regular price. $660 sale price. Center speaker. Demo model with full warranty.

淫乱男女Integra ADM30.1-$450 reg. price. $150 sale price. Two channel amp great for house audio or powering Dolby Atmos speakers. Two available.      

淫乱男女Proceed HPA2-$3250 reg. price. $925 sale price. Monster of an amp with 250W X2 in a dual mono format.

淫乱男女REL Habitat-$2000 regular price. $779 sale price. Wall mount or under furniture subwoofer in white.

Rotel RMB1512-$3000 regular price. $2299 sale price. 12 channel amp in black.

Salamander Sonoma 237-$2499 regular price. $1200 sale price. Current model three bay cabinet in excellent condition.

淫乱男女Sonos Connect-$350 reg. price. $250 sale price. Open box music streamers. Two available. 

淫乱男女Sonos Play 1-$150 reg. price. $125 sale price. Open box.  

Sony STRZA1000ES-$1000 reg. price. $499 sale price. 

淫乱男女Stewart fixed screen-$1300 regular price. $150 sale price. 82” 16:9 screen.

Studio Tech U48-$899 regular price. $300 sale price. Very nice enclosed audio cabinet in cherry finish.