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We sell and install some of the finest audio brands on the market. You can hear a variety of different speakers, amplifiers, CD players, turntables and much more in our showroom 6 days a week. We can help you put together a new system from scratch or replace 1 item at a time based on necessity.


淫乱男女Our reliance on smart devices in everyday life is at an all time high. Right now the average person owns 8 connected devices, and by 2022 that number is expected to reach 13.5. Without a robust network that can deal with that many devices and manage all of the traffic that comes along with them is paramount.


Our store is open 6 days a week with a well trained and qualified sales staff that is here to help assist in any way they can.  Feel free to call ahead and setup an appointment if you want to talk in depth about your project. We can sit down and go over plans, or bring in the family for a demo in one of our theater rooms.


淫乱男女From flat panel TV’s to projectors we offer solutions for most every room in your home. Whether you are extremely focused on a particular concept or have no idea what makes the most sense we are here to help. Please bring in photos of the room to help us flush out all possible options.


We have assembled a professional team of installers that have a variety of skill sets to ensure your system gets installed properly and in a timely fashion.  From mounting TV’s over brick fireplaces to hiding all of the audio/video equipment in a rack somewhere in the home, we can do it all.


淫乱男女Whether it’s a Comcast remote that can turn your TV on and off to an i-pad that controls most every aspect of your home, having 1 remote everyone is comfortable with is the key.  We have 4 technicians on staff who program a variety of remotes, and will do so based on who will use the system.


淫乱男女“Smart home” is a term you hear quite a bit these days, but most people don’t know how this can benefit their everyday lives. Something like being able to automate lights, HVAC, blinds, security systems, and door locks that can be viewed and controlled by an app is powerful.


淫乱男女This is truly a lost art. We work hard to troubleshoot every issue our clients are experiencing both during store hours and outside of them.  We take it personally when something we installed isn’t working properly, and do all we can within 48 hours to resolve it.


淫乱男女When we say we can create your dream stereo or theater set up, we mean it. We can custom tailor your entertainment experience to the exact specifications you want. This goes from everything from Televisions and speakers, to seating, blinds and shades. We care the best brands in the game for a reason - to provide the best in the game for you.


Clearance and consignment

We have an ever-changing selection of clearance and consignment items available at amazing discounted prices. Check out the link below to see what we have today.